To complement animal reiki, I also support the following healing modalities. 
Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address issues of emotional well-being and mind/body health.

Flower therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that is based on the idea that flowers have a healing vibrational energy.

The practice uses flower essences, which are liquids infused with a flower’s energy. 

Modern flower essences were created by Edward Bach, a British physician, in the 1930s and according to Bach, the energy of flowers can balance  emotions. He believed that this can bring about mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

I have been using Green Hope Farm Flower Essences with great success since at least 2018. Please check out their site. They offer SO MUCH information about flower essences and how to work with them and I am a huge fan of their overall customer service!  💚

Crystal Therapy

Animals respond very readily to crystal energy and the healing that crystals can provide. When working with animals remotely and sending reiki,  I may at times be drawn to bring in certain crystals or advise the animal guardian of crystals they may use to support the well-being of the animal. For more information about crystal healing and dogs, click here to read an article from Whole Dog Journal.