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My name is Dale and I'm dedicated to serving the highest good of animals  through the offering of reiki — a non-invasive, alternative healing modality that originated in Japan in the late 1800s. Click here to read more...


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive, alternative healing modality that originated in Japan in the late 1800s. In alignment with the principles of quantum physics, the premise of reiki is that we're all made of energy and connected to a universal energy field and life force. Reiki connects the Higher Self and the Universal Life Force to help bring balance to the body and its systems.

After receiving client consent, a reiki practitioner transfers energy from his or her hands to the client, whether in-person or through distance healing. When performing reiki, the energy that emanates from the practitioner's hands produces a significantly larger biomagnetic reading (7-10 Hz) than a nonpractitioner. Following the principles of entrainment — which says that two oscillating bodies will lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony — the energy transfer from practitioner to client has the potential to raise less healthy (lower) vibrations to higher vibrations and to create a more balanced energetic environment in which healing may occur.

What about animal reiki? How is that different from reiki offered to humans?​

Animals are highly sensitive to energy and vibration. The reiki sent to them is the same as the reiki sent to humans and, like humans, they respond intuitively to reiki’s ability to restore energetic balance in their bodies. However, because of their heightened sensitivity to the energetic life force, I have found that animals often respond to reiki more quickly than humans.

An important note about asking an animal's permission

As mentioned above, reiki is only delivered after receiving client consent. An animal's guardian may request reiki on behalf of the animal but reiki is only given with the permission and acceptance of the animal him/herself, who controls the flow of reiki at all times.

The animal is an active and willing participant in its own healing.

Reiki is not an energetic therapy that is done to the animal; it is an offering made by the practitioner to the animal that the animal can choose to receive or decline. A reiki practitioner never has the right to practice reiki on an animal without his or her consent. 

What benefits might reiki provide for an animal?

Reiki is non-invasive and promotes healing where the animal needs it most, whether that is on the physical, emotional or spiritual plane. Contentment, relaxation, and decreased feelings of stress/fear/anxiety, as well as a possible reduction in physical illness and chronic conditions, are some of the potential benefits of reiki for an animal. Reiki may potentially strengthen the connection between an animal and its human, as well.  

Is distance reiki as effective as in-person reiki?

Yes! Second-degree reiki practitioners are taught a distance reiki symbol that allows the practitioner to send reiki energy across time and space. Remember — in the quantum world in which reiki operates, time and space are of no significance. Reiki can be sent across distance, as well as to the past and to the future.

Why does Chiron Calling choose to work with animals instead of humans?

Although I do offer reiki to humans when they are in need and ask, I specialize in animal reiki because of the receptivity of animals to the flow of reiki energy. While animals can experience energy blockages just like humans, they don't have logical, rational minds urging them to challenge the basis of reiki. They simply tune in to the reiki from a vibratory place of resonance. Because of their sensitivity to vibration and energy, they know when they need reiki and when they don't. They also know when accepting reiki may not really be for their Highest Good or may "violate" their soul contract for this lifetime. Whenever an animal resists the flow of reiki, I honor their wisdom and do not proceed. They also know (and are not shy about telling a practitioner!) when they have received enough energy in any given session. 

Also, when offering reiki to animals, the sessions can sometimes become as much an opportunity for the animal to heal as it is a chance for him/her to communicate with the guardian through me. Animals are selfless and when they see the portal to connect with their humans ... well ... they often jump on it! It never ceases to amaze me the things that animals want to share when I perform reiki for them.

What can I expect to happen in a distance animal reiki session?

After you schedule a distance reiki session, I will reach out to you via email to discuss logistics. I will send reiki to your animal during the requested time and either follow up with a phone call or an email (your choice) to summarize for you anything that came through to me during the session. Often animals not only "show me" their trouble zones by guiding my hands to deliver reiki to areas in need but they also use the opportunity to initiate dialogue with you, their owner, using me as their liaison. I will share with you information about where my hands are guided and also any messages they give me. I will also do my best not to filter their messages and leave it to you to interpret anything they may bring up. Because I have also studied animal communication, I do find that animals are often comfortable communicating with me. However, I can't promise your animal will be open to that. He or she may only be willing to receive the reiki and that's perfectly OK. The session will go as the animal wills it to go and as is in alignment with his or her Highest Good!


IMPORTANT: If an animal is in a serious crisis or in a life-threatening situation, do not use services on this site.

Contact your local emergency vet immediately.
A service purchased through this website is no
t a substitute for licensed veterinary care. I am providing esoteric, spiritual, alternative, and/or intuitive support for you and/or your animal. Issues concerning veterinary aid, medical support, legal implications, mental health or finances should be addressed with a licensed professional in your local or state area.





Who is Chiron?

In astrology, the dwarf planet, Chiron, represents "the wounded healer." He was named after the centaur in Greek mythology who could heal others and teach others the healing arts but could not heal his own wound.

Astronomically speaking, Chiron's orbit falls between Saturn — the planet of logic, karma and  consequences — and Uranus — the planet who teaches us to "expect the unexpected," including unexpected miracles. 


The archetypal energy of Chiron bridges the gap between logic/the material plane and
the realm of infinite possibility.

Said another way: Chiron embodies the potential for miracles to occur on Earth!

And reiki embodies the spirit of Chiron, opening the miraculous healing channels of the
Universal Life Force that flows through each and every one of us.

What's in a name: Chiron Calling

In my astrological birth chart, Chiron has a prominent position and has been one of the primary guides and teachers for my soul's journey on Earth. It was also as I began my Chiron Return that I finally stepped into my role as a healing channel and launched an online reiki business to serve the needs of animals everywhere. I believe my work with animals is, quite literally, my Chiron calling ... my call to service ... my call to make accessible the miraculous energies of healing through the channel that reiki provides.

I've shared my reiki gifts with living creatures ranging from dogs (including my own) to birds who hit my windows (including one tenacious little hummingbird who surprised me by suddenly "coming to" and taking flight just as even I was about to give up hope!). I've even offered reiki to a cockroach who was belly-up in my basement, legs flailing as he struggled in his transition to the Other Side. I've seen reiki in action. Reiki never does harm and has the ability to do so much good for all living creatures, no matter where they are on the food chain.



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